Lash & Lashes Led Glue


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Lash & Lashes Led Glue 5ml

The Lash & Lashes SYSTEM LED GLUE 5ml.

The glue sets in 5 seconds with the help of the Lash & Lashes LED Lamp.

The thin layer of glue provides quick and maximum adhesion and long-lasting results. The lashes do not stick together!

For eyelash extension, use a maximum of 2 drops of glue.

The glue only sets with LED light, the glue drop applied does not bond until the end of the eyelash extension.

You no longer have to worry about room temperature and humidity.

The glue is irritation-free and has much lower vaporization compared to traditional pillar glues.

It does not irritate the eyes because the glue sets immediately, and the fumes of the glue do not activate even after showering.

Instructions for using Lash & Lashes SYSTEM LED GLUE!

Apply the glue only on a Self-adhesive Aluminium Glue Holder Pad!
Always adjust the Lash & Lashes SYSTEM LED lamp so that the LED light never touches the spilled glue during use, as this will result in premature setting of the glue.

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